Fifth Pan European CoP Forum meeting – 13th of December 2022

Guideline Pan EU
Pan- EU – CoP WP5
CoP meeting SAC

Fourth Pan European CoP Forum meeting – 16th of March 2022

Session 1: Smart sensing and imaging
Session 2: Artificial intelligence and cloud-based platforms
Session 3: Data interoperability

Recording of Session 1: Smart sensing and imaging
Recording of Session 2: Artificial intelligence and cloud-based platforms
Recording of Session 3: Data interoperability

Thirth Pan European CoP Forum meeting – 5th of november 2021

Surveying technologies
Damage indicators and vulnerable elements for bridges and tunnels
Performance indicators for bridges and tunnels
Data-informed assessment of structural performance
Risk assessment and risk-based framework for maintenance management
Condition state classification and minimum maintenance levels for transport infrastructure

Second Pan European CoP Forum meeting – 3th of June 2021

Presentation Second Pan-EU Forum
Minutes Second Pan-EU Forum

First Pan European CoP Forum meeting– 25th of February 2021

IM-SAFE digital leaflet

Benelux CoP meeting30th of March

Overview IM-SAFE reports to download

Actual and future context of transport infrastructure monitoring and maintenanceDownload
Appraisal of methods for safety evaluation and risk managementDownload
Background materials for implementation of decision-making regarding maintenance strategiesDownload
D2.1 online interactive catalogue of surveying technologies for transport infrastructureDownload
Framework for semantic integration of IoT, BIM and GIS of transport infrastructureDownload
Guidelines for Big Data analytics solutions, including Artificial IntelligenceDownload
Guidelines for data acquisition, processing, and quality assuranceDownload
Proposal for common design of IT platforms for monitoring data of transport infrastructureDownload
Recommendations to remove the PEST barriers and prioritisation of risk management areas taking the lessons from recent infrastructure failuresDownload
Review of methodologies and instruments for diagnostics of transport infrastructureDownload