IM-SAFE focuses on proposing a new standard in monitoring. Standardised monitoring process will imply a uniform and replicable inspection process. The new standardised monitoring will enable proper decision-making regarding maintenance needs and measures.  Moreover, the  impact of IM-SAFE is related to five topics:

  1. Contribution to mandate for a standard setter at EU level for the maintenance and control of bridges and where relevant for transport infrastructures at large.
  2. Identification of best practices for monitoring the safety and maintenance of bridges and other relevant transport infrastructures.
  3. Improvement of the safety of bridges and other relevant transport infrastructures in Europe through better maintenance and control. 
  4. Societal acceptance and successful adoption.
  5. Dissemination and exploitation of results

As a CSA project, IM-SAFE will deliver public results in support standardisation. These results are open for public as enablers, further knowledge build-up, and follow-up research and development.