Work packages

The IM-SAFE project comprises 6 inter-related action areas, addressed in Work Packages, set to support the EC and the CEN by providing input for policy debates and standardisation: WPs1 [BvVA(1] and 2 represent the dynamic transition process of reviewing and analysing the trends, best practices and existing barriers, and proposing the new standards and adoption strategies. In the area covered by WP2 and 3 we work on technical reviews and recommendations regarding monitoring systems and the decision-making methods. In the area covered by WP4 we address digitalisation to be embedded in new standards. The combined results from the WPs 1-4 will feed WP5, where we work on the formulation of standards and adoption strategies . Under the umbrella of WP6, the stakeholders gathered in the Community of Practice will be directly involved in providing input, validating project outcomes, and joining a proactive approach to anticipate the new standards.