Diagnostics of structures based on inspection, monitoring and testing

In recent years, we have faced rapid growth of testing, inspection and monitoring technologies in various sectors. In the domain of transport infrastructure, intensive research has been carried out to enable the use of these technologies to support asset management of bridges and tunnels. However, accepted and harmonised approaches to condition survey and diagnostics of structures are lacking until now. This hinders asset owners and public authorities in charge of maintenance of the transport infrastructure to apply the latest development. 

In response to this challenge, the objectives of project activities in the area of diagnostics of structures are:

  • To identify and obtain an inventory of state-of-practice as well as advanced developments with regards to condition survey technologies and data analysis methods that are applicable to transport infrastructure, especially for bridges and tunnels. 
  • To review the state-of-the-art methodologies and instruments for the diagnostics of structures.
  • To evaluate the current standards and state-of-practice with regards to the use of diagnostics of structures in risk and safety analysis, and decision-making for maintenance.
  • To reflect on the implication of future trends in technology development for setting standards for condition survey and diagnostics of structure.