Eurostruct video presentation Towards effective standards for monitoring data informed safety assessment and maintenance of transport infrastructure

Published April 2022
Lead partner: TNO

Aiming to ensure the safety of the transport infrastructure during operation through the improvement of maintenance policies across Europe, the European Commission opened in 2019 the call for the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) “Monitoring and safety of transport infrastructure”. The main goal of this CSA is to support the preparation of a future mandate for CEN standards for the maintenance and control of the European transport infrastructure. In 2020, the CSA was granted to the IM-SAFE project consortium. The webinar presents the IM-SAFE project findings in context of best practices in application of inspection, monitoring and testing of transport infrastructure. In particular, addresses the needs and perspectives for standardization of the use of data from inspection, monitoring and testing in managing the structural safety risks for bridges and tunnels, highlighting the following aspects for which the development of standardized provisions is foreseen:

  • the use of risk-based maintenance management system, employing condition-based maintenance strategies and using information from inspection, testing and monitoring to ensure reliability, safety, availability and economical operation over the assets’ lifetime;
  • the use of structure-specific information in the framework for the data-informed safety assessment;
  • the selection of performance indicators for an objective assessment and through-life management of bridges and tunnels;
  • the availability and adequacy of structure-specific information to assess the structural condition, the action effect and/or the actions on structures and enable improvement of the structural assessment.