Review of methodologies and instruments for diagnostics of transport infrastructure

Published April 2022
Lead partner: SAC

This report is part of the H2020 CSA IM-SAFE project results and is the outcome of WP2 (Diagnostics of structures based on inspection, monitoring and testing) Task 2.2 (Review of methodologies and instruments for diagnostics of transport infrastructure) activities, listed as delivery D2.2. It constructs a part of the technical background for the formulation of the proposal for the mandate to CEN for a further amendment to the existing EU standards on monitoring and maintenance strategies, taking into account inspection, testing and monitoring data in safety assessment and maintenance approaches.

WP2 contributes to the identification of the normative gaps with regard to standards in monitoring and maintenance, damage detection and maintenance decision-making based on review of the current state-of-the-art as represented by standards, guidelines, other regulations as well as current practice and research. The particular focus of Task 2.2 is on diagnostics of structures based on survey data.

This report includes the review of the methodologies for inspection, the review of the damage detection indicators (DIs), procedures used for determining DIs based on condition survey data and KPIs from diagnostic testing and actions evaluation procedures. The conclusions from the review are used to formulate conclusion with regard to developments in standardization of concepts and methods for diagnostics of existing structures with includes a proposal for the development of a Damage Classification database.