Towards standardization of ICT approaches for monitoring and safety of infrastructure

Published March 2023
Lead partner: AEC3 IBM UVIGO

This paper reports about preparatory work for future European standardization that is carried out through an EU coordination and support action titled IM-SAFE.

It focuses on applied digital technologies for monitoring and safety, including predictive maintenance of bridges and tunnels. Amidst the improved af-fordability of digitalization technologies and techniques, the biggest challenge in monitoring and maintenance of bridges and tunnels is no longer about collecting data as much as possible, but about obtaining and exploiting meaningful data throughout the lifecycle of the built assets.

An effective and efficient data-driven approach is important to allow both human experts and computers to make accurate diagnostics, predictions, and decisions. Further standardization is seen as an important part to reach that goal.

With regard to these topics, this paper reports the outcomes from the expert and stakeholder consultations that recently took place within the IM-SAFE pan-European Community of Practice.