Proposal for common design of IT platforms for monitoring data of transport infrastructure

Published April 2022
Lead partner: IBM

This report is part of the H2020 CSA IM-SAFE project results and is the outcome of WP4 (“Digitalization as enabling technology”) Task 4.3 (“Cloud platform for monitoring data”) activities, listed as delivery D4.3. This deliverable addresses the platform high-level specifications and design, including user experience, data collection, key domain-relevant functionalities and their backend implementation. It concludes with proposals and recommendations for common design of IT platforms for managing and monitoring data of transport infrastructure, and supporting tasks like asset management, structural health monitoring, and visual inspection for health assessment.

The goal of the overarching T4.3 is to support the generic design for a common data environment (CDE), with particular focus on underlying key consideration and providing recommendation regarding user experience, data handling and high-level functionalities to support the activities of engineers and other stakeholders in the transport infrastructure technical and management sectors.