Background materials for implementation of decision-making regarding maintenance strategies

Published April 2022
Lead partner: SAC

This report is part of the H2020 CSA IM-SAFE project results and is the outcome of WP3 (Data-informed
safety evaluation and maintenance strategies) Task 3.2 (Decision-making concerning maintenance
strategies) activities, listed as delivery D 3.2. It constructs a part of the technical background for the
formulation of the proposal for the mandate to CEN for a further amendment to the existing EU standards
on the implementation of maintenance and monitoring strategies in asset management.

This report includes the review of Quality Control Plans and maintenance strategies and tactics adopted
by the CoP members in the different European countries, including the analysis of the guaranteed
minimum maintenance levels, a comparison between various methods of condition survey, assessing the
capital and the operating costs of different solutions, the description of a decision-making framework that
summarizes the aspects covered in tasks T3.1 and T3.2, which aims at a sustainable and efficient
management of both single bridges and a network of bridges, and the showcase of examples of practical
applications of the decision-making process to a real-case scenario under ongoing monitoring performed
by a Consortium partner on TEN-T corridors and regional transport networks. Lastly, the creation of an
interactive map with information of how/where the different methods are used in different countries in
Europe is described.