IM-SAFE Online Best Practice Guide available!

09 December 2021

IM-SAFE aims to support the European Commission and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) to preparing a new standard in monitoring for optimal maintenance and safety of transport infrastructure based on a comprehensive insight into the trends, challenges, best practices, and technology developments, including the integration of digital innovations.

This IM-SAFE online best practice guide report aims to provide a concise summary and overview of the process, knowledge model and information collected and developed within the Semantic Wiki. Each of the case studies listed in this document shows the information related to the best practice (e.g. geolocation, information of the infra assets, applied monitoring systems, etc.) gathered by IM-SAFE project.

This IM-SAFE Knowledge Base supports the pan-European Community of Practice (CoP) actively involved in the development and implementation processes of the new standards on monitoring of transport infrastructure.

A summarizing best practice guide report is available on the IM-SAFE website.