New IM-SAFE report published!

25 November 2021

Infrastructures are not eternalā€¦ but will last for longer if we take good care of them.

Monitoring and maintenance of transport infrastructures is a great, global challenge, and lies at the core of this strategic report. We aim to provide an overview on current and future, trends, needs, standardised methodologies, challenges and main research lines that will give solutions and provide answers to this need.

In the report “Actual and future context of transport infrastructure monitoring and maintenance”, we go through an extensive overview of how European infrastructures, more specifically tunnels and bridges, are ageing, to then, through a brief explanation of the needs for research and standardization in Europe, propose, a description of the methods and the approach that will significantly increase theĀ resilience of inland transport infrastructure by reducing risk vulnerability and strengthening network systems to sudden extreme events, such as climate hazards and man-made events.

In the last 11 months, IM-SAFE has gone through significant advances, that can be found in this strategic report. We share the state of research, research findings and real applications, and share the practice and standardization in different European countries, such as: Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, etc. W also share an extensive section of conclusions that comprise the applicability of the current practices in infrastructure monitoring and maintenance, a summary of the outlook, providing proposals for future actions, and furthermore, complementary insights from best practices across Europe and complementary insights of risk analysis on barriers and lessons learned.

The report “Actual and future context of transport infrastructure monitoring and maintenance” is now available on the IM-SAFE website.