Online workshop for the IM-SAFE CoP of the Benelux

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On March 30th 2021, an online workshop (IN DUTCH!) was held for the members of IM-SAFE Community of Practice in Benelux. This workshop included a round table discussion, dedicated to: current state of standardization in monitoring, data-informed safety evaluation and maintenance of transport infrastructure.

Participants have received up-to-date information about availability of national and European standards, guidelines and regulations. They will also be given an opportunity to engage in a discussion about the directions for future development of the harmonized European standards on:

  • structural monitoring
  • condition-based and risk-based maintenance of transport infrastructure
  • data-informed safety assessment

Want to know more? You can download the presentation of the meeting here:

The 1st Pan-European CoP Forum

Thursday, February 25th 2021, the First Pan-European CoP Forum meeting took place. In this meeting an EU representation of stakeholders of about 30 representatives of the national CoPs and Pan-European networks were informed about the project and the organization of the international Community of Practice (CoP) initiated to support the IM-SAFE project.

Purpose and aim of the IM-SAFE project were explained by Agnieszka Bigaj-van Vliet (TNO), IM-SAFE project coordinator. Jos Wessels (CROW), IM-SAFE Work package leader coordinating the ‘stakeholder engagement’ discussed the importance, organization and benefit of becoming am member of the IM-SAFE CoP. In coming months, the national CoP’s intend to organize multiple workshops to continue discussion about the existing standards and needs for standardization of principles of monitoring, data-informed safety evaluation and maintenance practices.

For more information, please refer to the presentation of the meeting and the IM-SAFE leaflet.


Welcome at the IM-SAFE website! IM-SAFE will pave the way to new European standards for monitoring and maintenance of structures.

The main objectives of IM-SAFE are to support the European Commission and the European Committee for Standardization in preparing new standards in monitoring, maintenance and safety of transport infrastructure. And secondly to coordinate and accelerate the process for enabling public authorities and supply-chain stakeholders in transport infrastructure.

By means of the IM-SAFE website information is shared about the process of the project, project partners, involved communities, interesting events and news related to safety of bridges, tunnels and other large infrastructures on the road and railway networks and tunnels. The website is also a medium to connect with the different stakeholders through the IM-SAFE CoP’s.

Joining the IM-SAFE CoP is easy – you can become a member of CoP by contacting the regional representatives and participating in the IM-SAFE CoP activities. By joining us, you will help to drive the IM-SAFE project forward by creating a broad and diverse support base for the further development and harmonisation of standards for structural design, monitoring and maintenance of structures. Want to know more about joining the CoP? Please send an email to


On November 2nd and 3rd  of 2020 the kick- off meeting of the IM-SAFE project took place. It was November the year before, 2019, that the first ideas of IM-SAFE were discussed. Later on, in January 2020 the first actions were taken for preparing the project proposal. Since January last year a lot has been done to get to the point of the kick-off.  

The online kick-off has shown that flying across Europe is not necessary for a successful start.  The meeting was well organized by the project coordinator TNO.  All parties of the consortium attended the kick-off and it can be said that the consortium is capable of making IM-SAFE into a success. Want to see the faces behind the IM-SAFE consortium? Click here to go to the LinkedIn page of IM-SAFE!